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Our Origin: From Casual Players to Game Changers

In 2022, Andrew and Nick, both on a quest for a fresh hobby, stumbled upon the underrated game of pickleball. Fate intertwined their paths, and what started as casual games at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park morphed into a strong bond.

A festive weekend, hundreds of hours on the court, and they had an epiphany: their shared enthusiasm for pickleball could redefine the future. Addict Pickleball emerged from intense deliberation and unwavering dedication.

Ever since, this dynamic duo has been relentlessly pushing limits, engineering top-tier products, and immersing themselves deeper into the community they cherish. Their ultimate mission? To change the game forever.

Discover the Essence of Healthy Addiction

We see addiction differently. To us, a healthy addiction is a fervent passion. It drives continuous growth and mastery. Pickleball isn’t just a sport for the addict. Community; it’s a life mantra. It sparks ambition.

It renews our body and mind. It ties us to a network of enthusiasts. For addicts, this passion is strong. It gives you all the tools, drive, and support needed to reach your full potential. This is true on the court and off.

Inside Scoop
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Experience the Exclusive

At Addict, exclusivity isn’t just a term; it’s an experience. Our limited edition products are more than just items; they’re stories, each narrating a tale of unique design and premium craftsmanship. As you embrace Addict, you’re not just buying a product; you’re joining an elite circle that values refinement and the charm of the limited edition ethos.

Transforming the Sport

Addict isn’t just another brand on the block; it’s a revolution. We’ve set out on a mission to elevate the game of pickleball, curating products that ignite inspiration and empower every player to stretch their boundaries. Imagine a world where pickleball enthusiasts from every corner converge, united by excellence, camaraderie, and the undeniable allure of the sport. That’s the community addict. Is building.

Excellence in Every Detail

True performance isn’t an accident. It’s the result of intentional choices – the best materials, impeccable design, and unparalleled craftsmanship. This philosophy drives the addict. Our collaboration with the finest designers and craftsmen ensures that every product, from our limited edition apparel to innovative paddle accessories, becomes an emblem of our commitment to superiority.

We Are More Than Just a Brand; We're a Family

At addict., community isn’t just a word; it’s our heart and soul. Our bond goes beyond the court. It’s in the shared laughter, the collective aspirations, and the mutual respect we have for one another. This isn’t just about a game; it’s about every individual who makes this community extraordinary.

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