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Meet our roster of top-ranked professional pickleball athletes. Check out their highlights, shop their gear, and catch them on the PPA, MLP, and APP tours in a city near you!

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The elite echelon. This is where top-tier talent, relentless dedication, and pure love for the game converge. Alpha Addicts aren’t just playing the game; they’re setting the pace and embodying the spirit of pickleball at its finest.

This status isn’t just about sporting prowess; it’s a celebration of leaders who inspire, influence, and ignite the community both on and off the courts.

They’ve earned unmatched perks like unprecedented access to the newest gear, invites to our most exclusive events, full access Addict Labs projects, and deep discounts. Here, you don’t just play the game—you lead it.

The first serve into becoming a pivotal part of something bigger. This program is filled with avid pickleball enthusiasts who take their engagement with the sport to the next level. As an ambassador, they get the scoop on the latest gear with special discounts, gain early access to new product releases, and have opportunities to test their mettle in Addict Labs projects.

It’s more than just playing the game—it’s about growing the sport and sharing passion with a community that values energy and enthusiasm as much as we do. Ready to start your journey and earn your stripes? 

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