Addict Sport strives to improve the pickleball community as a whole. We establish and promote the genuine integrity of the family-oriented, close-knit community that is at the heart of pickleball. Join our team and help us promote the sport and redefine the way the world views pickleball.

Drive company revenue by developing and executing strategic sales plans that expand customer base and extend national reach and global partnerships. This leadership role requires managing and mentoring a sales team to achieve ambitious sales targets.

Foster and maintain relationships with key clients while consistently pursuing new opportunities to expand the client base and achieve sales quotas. Ideal for goal-oriented professionals with a knack for negotiation and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Lead our brand’s social media strategy and manage all social platforms to increase engagement, brand loyalty, and marketing-driven results. This role is perfect for those who are creative, data-driven, and have a pulse on the latest social media trends.

Craft viral TikTok campaigns that resonate with our target audience, driving engagement and brand awareness through innovative short-form video content. Requires a creative mind and a deep understanding of TikTok’s unique ecosystem.

Manage our Amazon sales strategy, optimizing listings, managing reviews, and utilizing Amazon advertising to increase sales volume. A perfect role for those with expertise in Amazon’s marketplace and analytics tools.

Oversee the design, development, and maintenance of pickleball courts, ensuring all projects meet our high standards for quality and functionality. This position requires expertise in project management and a deep understanding of sports facility regulations and construction.

Create visually compelling graphics that communicate our brand’s vision across various digital and print media. This role calls for a creative individual with exceptional design skills and proficiency in the latest design software, who can translate marketing and branding strategies into impactful visuals.

Design innovative and functional pickleball equipment and apparel that aligns with Addict’s mission to revolutionize the sport. This role involves using creative design skills to conceptualize and execute aesthetically appealing and technologically advanced products, collaborating closely with the Product Development Expert and engineering teams to ensure the designs are practical and manufacturable.

Spearhead the creation and refinement of Addict’s pickleball equipment and apparel, focusing on innovation, quality, and market relevance. This role involves collaborating closely with design, engineering, and marketing teams to bring new products from concept to launch, ensuring they meet the company’s standards and customer expectations.

Manage and optimize the sourcing of materials and manufacturers for Addict’s product lines. This role is critical for negotiating costs, ensuring quality, maintaining ethical sourcing practices, and aligning material choices with sustainability goals.

Optimize our presence on Facebook and Instagram by developing strategies that enhance user engagement and promote brand visibility. This role demands expertise in Meta platforms and an ability to analyze and react to social media trends effectively. Pixel Expertise required.

Develop and execute a YouTube strategy that increases subscribers, enhances viewer engagement, and strengthens our brand through compelling video content. Ideal for experts in video production and YouTube analytics.

Lead our digital marketing initiatives across all digital platforms, crafting strategies that drive online traffic, enhance brand presence, and maximize ROI. The role is suited for those with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing tools and analytics.

Create and manage round-the-clock content to ensure constant engagement across various platforms, adapting strategies to keep content fresh and relevant. This position requires high energy, creativity, and an ability to work flexible hours.

Produce and launch our high-quality podcast in a way that aligns with our brand mission, managing all aspects of production from concept to launch. A great opportunity for those with a passion for storytelling and audio and visual content creation.

Oversee daily operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in all processes while managing budgets and improving operational systems. This role is critical for someone with strong leadership skills and an ability to improve operational management systems.

Lead the charge in providing stellar customer service by developing strategies that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. This role is designed for a customer-centric individual with excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Manage recruitment, training, and welfare of our workforce, fostering a positive work environment and ensuring compliance with employment laws. Ideal for candidates with a strong background in HR practices and employee relations.

Provide strategic financial leadership on a part-time basis, overseeing financial planning, risk management, and data analysis to guide our financial decisions. Suited for experienced finance professionals who seek flexible working conditions.

Identify and secure strategic partnerships that align with our brand’s goals, managing relationships and negotiating deals that benefit both parties. This role requires excellent communication skills and a strategic mind capable of identifying synergistic opportunities.

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