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At Addict, we believe in the power of partnership to amplify our impact and innovate beyond boundaries. Our Partnerships & Collabs page is dedicated to forging connections with other mission-driven brands and forward-thinking companies eager to collaborate on a multitude of exciting projects. Whether it’s crafting stylish apparel, hosting pickleball tournaments, or orchestrating philanthropic events, we’re on the lookout for allies who share our zest for creativity and commitment to community. Together, we can create more than just products; we can generate experiences that inspire and energize.

When expressing interest in a collaboration with Addict, please include the following information in your submission form:

    Our Partners

    The Dink Pickleball

     is proud to announce its partnership with THE DINK Pickleball to bring you the best pickleball content around the world. The Dink has been a leader in promoting pickleball news, stories, and highlights for years now. And not to mention giving subscribers unprecedented access to their favorite pickleball icons through their PODCAST (co-hosted by Tyson Apostle). 

    We partnered with the Dink with the “Paddle for Life” Giveaway again earlier this year, and will continue to provide giveaways and exclusive access to the Dink subscribers and listeners. 

     and the Dink share the vision of bringing pickleball content to all through stories, news, videos, educational pieces, highlights, and more! 

    To keep up with all things pickleball be sure to:


    Playtime Scheduler

    1.  is proud to partner with PLAYTIME SCHEDULER, a FREE scheduling tool created uniquely for pickleball. Over 150,000 players currently use the site to find competitive pickleball matches around the world. 

      Using playtime scheduler you can:

      • Quickly see where the action is on the weekly calendar
      • Sign up for a session with just one click
      • Know who’s going to show up before you head out the door
      • Arrange public play sessions by skill level
      • Create invite-only sessions for leagues or private groups
      • Get customized email notifications
      • Easily communicate with other players
      • Discover new court locations using the interactive map
      • Works great on all browsers and smartphones

    Nike US Sports Camps

    1. US Sports Camps is the world’s largest sports camp company with over 1,000 camps in 16 different sports serving more than 100,000 campers. For over 47 years, US Sports Camps has partnered with coaches across the country to produce leading youth sports camps. From traditional sports like basketball and football to activities like eSports and pickleball, US Sports Camps provides athletes with the support they need to develop their skills in a fun, challenging environment.

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