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Addict Sport is committed to promoting the availability and growth of pickleball education (instruction, training, clinics) and competitive pickleball play (leagues and tournaments). In pursuit of these goals, Addict is launching a new set of sponsorship programs to provide these opportunities. We are actively seeking to partner with the following pickleball community members to sponsor their programs.

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At Addict, we are committed to elevating pickleball facilities with sponsorships that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your courts. We partner with facilities by providing discounts to supply top-tier equipment and court surfaces, ensuring every game is played on a premium stage. Our sponsorship extends beyond materials, offering marketing support to spotlight your venue as a top destination for pickleball enthusiasts.



Addict proudly sponsors tournaments and events, bringing exciting competition to the pickleball community. From local showdowns to national championships, our sponsorships include discount for financial support, cutting-edge equipment, and branded merchandise that elevate the event experience for players and fans alike. Let us help make your next event a showcase of exceptional sportsmanship and community spirit.



Supporting pickleball leagues across the nation, Addict provides leagues with the resources they need to thrive. If the leagues include +50 members we can do custom collabs on jerseys and other apparel. Our goal is to foster a competitive and spirited environment where players at all levels can improve their skills, enjoy the sport, and engage in a vibrant and connected pickleball community.



Addict is eager to partner with pickleball clubs and camps, offering sponsorships that provide discounts on equipment, training materials, and promotional tools to help grow your membership and enhance training programs. We believe in nurturing the development of players from beginners to advanced by enhancing their learning environments and making pickleball more accessible and enjoyable for all.

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